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Our Story
Our story

About us

At Simply O Jewelry, a lot of passion and commitment goes into each piece of jewelry. The founder, Odette Bunica, used her passion for the beauty of the gemstone world and her creative ideas to create her own jewelry designs more than 10 years ago. It started as a project for herself and her friends, but soon after that passion gave birth to the Simply O label. Today Simply O Jewelry is a small family business that continues to produce with love and heart in their own Munich studio.The inspiration from the endless variety and beauty of gemstones and the love of pearls, flows into the feminine design. Our heart's desire is that the customers see this beauty and uniqueness of the precious treasures of our earth with the same eyes and that this emotion is transported to them.
Allure Collection auf einem Blatt - SimplyO Jewelry

Handmade with love

The pieces of jewelry from Simply O Jewelry are created in a trend-oriented manner according to our own design in our Munich studio. The creations are lovingly made by hand with elaborate, detailed work. We use only the finest precious metal components and carefully selected gemstones and pearls of the highest quality to create our jewelry. Our creations are not only intended for special occasions, but should also be a long-lasting companion and bring joy. Are you looking for an individual gift for yourself or a loved one? We would be happy to advise you.