Jardin de Perles

Jardin de Pearls

      With casual, elegant statement pieces and modern, romantic creations, we are dedicating ourselves to the beautiful things in life this summer and will guide you through a wonderful garden of high-quality freshwater pearls combined with 14k yellow gold. Inspired by French chic with its casual lightness, the Jardin de Perles collection is a love letter to France. Whether with jeans and high heels, for a romantic summer wedding or enjoying the sunset with a bottle of champagne - our creations ensure unforgettable moments of glamorous atmosphere. Celebrate with us an exceptionally exciting style that makes your look special and makes you feel beautiful.

      Jewelry and Emotions

      Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It shows our feelings, underlines our personality and awakens memories of beautiful moments of love and happiness. 

      Make your loved one or yourself happy with a gift from SIMPLY O.

      Perlenschmuck und Goldschmuck von SimplyO Jewelry